Nominan a Richard Carrión a la Reserva Federal de Nueva York

Wed, Feb 27, 2013


Richard Carrión

Por Luisa García Pelatti

La Reserva Federal de Nueva York ha nominado a Richard Carrión como director Clase A a la Junta de Directores. Carrión es presidente y principal oficial ejecutivo de Popular, Inc.

Carrión fue nominado por dos bancos de la Reserva Federal: Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company y Banco Popular.

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8 Responses to “Nominan a Richard Carrión a la Reserva Federal de Nueva York”

  1. I read you commment again and specially your referene as to the ” this piece of news, is way too short to develop a proper comment”.
    I share my view:
    Mr.Carrion has been appointed probably due to his success in negotiting the transmission rights to the Olympic games for billions of dollars. That added to his close relatiomnship with Samaranch, the now deceased ex president of the Olympic Committee.
    He may be a strong candidate for the Presidency this coming September.
    Popular Bank grew to be in the top 50 banks in the Nation before the debacle. Caused by bankers themselves and the gargantuan investment bankers.
    His appointment as a Latino is good and gives exposure to the decisions made by the Federal Reserve and its impact on the mainland and the island as well.
    Popular is not out of the woods yet and to be where it was years ago will be a long slow process..
    Depending on each individual stockholders average carrying cost of BPOP shares..the higher the incremental loss of their investemt if forced to sell to cover debt or had them in retirement funds as many did.
    His father and granddfather were highly respected bankers in the local and mainland circles.
    I repeat again, regardless of your personal opinion of Mr. Carrion he has survided the tempest while most others did not.
    I have no relationship with him and our meetings through the years have been completely on business and government issues.
    He is bright, competent, a graduate of Wharton and very seasoned in today’s economic and financial tribulations.
    His and or my detractors have not reached his level of achievement and endurance.
    My comments on the enrichment of politicians is that they have long ceased to work for those who elect them and be they red , blue or pink they milk the system through their wives and personally.
    The sooner people realize that Puerto Rico is financially and in many ways morally bankrupt, the sooner decision making on a reconstruction of the social contract will begin. We believe it will get worse before it gets better.
    Be well Mr Economist de Rodriguez.Report

  2. dyslexics prefer Firefox.
    Than You, I will continue to try and improve.Report

  3. Economist de Rodriguez says:

    Mr. Madera, Olympic Committee is written with double ‘ee’ at the end. First time, I ever seen you on this space writing in English. That made me wonder how effectively are you in the use of Google translation.

    About this piece of news, it is way too short to develop a proper comment about it. Let’s see how it develops and if Banco Popular returns to its 25 cents per share as a few years ago.Report

  4. No problem in differing with you Mr. Shinning Star.
    Mr. Carrion was in fact almost fired at one point but to many shares voted to keep him on board.
    many stockholders with heavy investment in Popular shares lost much of their retirement gains. Some of us included.
    But through it all the Bank is retrenching an will have even more marketshare.
    The continued deterioration of the islands economy will affect their future growth, profits and stability in core assets and other stress test areas.
    I do agree that the greed of many bankers , their respective boards should be judged criminally and many investment bankers too!
    Public Corporations and their Boards are accolytes of the Governor so they have the same vicarious responsability.
    But to see more and more politicians triplicating their wealth in just four years is worrisome also.
    Regarding his appointment if you do not think it is deserved. good for you.
    I try to be as objective as possible, of others accomplishments for their deeds and not whether I like them or not.
    Maybe he will be elected Chairman of the International Olympic Committe and you may be happier, for leaving is post at the Bank.Report

  5. muchos perdimos en acciones y otros no.
    Pero ahora hay menos bancos y menos competencia.
    El Sr. Carrion” is still standing…Report

  6. Shining_Star says:

    Hay cosas muy dificiles de entender….Richard Carrion, David Chafey, etc. Cuando eran hermanitos en Popular, fueron parte del grupo de personas que llevaron nuestra economia al punto donde esta hoy. POr sus grandes decisiones (y aqui no se le pueden hechar la culpa a ningun gobernador o legislador), llevaron a Banco Popular al borde de la quiebra…

    Mucho se habla de como el gobierno ha podido quebrar los monopolios que opera…pues aqui vemos algo similar…como Carrion y Chafey (que para colmo ahora lo tenemos al mando del BGF), llevaron a un banco con un 40% o mas de cuota de mercado a la quiebra? Costandole BILLONES en capital perdido a puertorriquenos que confiaron en ellos y a sus propias familias?

    Defender a esta persona y decir que es un reconocimiento merecido es patetico.

    He leido muchos comentarios en este website criticando la parcialidad….ahora lo critico yo. Como se le puede criticar y tratar de criminalizar a personas que han sacrificado su familia, sus ahorros, su reputacion, y alavar a estos que enganaron vilmente a viejitos y viejitas que compraban las acciones, bonos y preferidas de su banco y luego lo perdieron todo, mientras ellos se ganaban sus millones y eran rescatados por Uncla Sam.

    Por favor Sr. Madera. Usted y yo hemos tenido diferencias grandes, pero esta, no se la puedo dar. Este Sr. debio haber sido botado de Popular hace tiempo…..Report

  7. Jorge says:

    Llevó el Banco Popular a la quiebra!Report

  8. This is great news for the island and deserved recognition to Richard Carrion.
    Hope it helps the island banking industry and accelerates Popular Bank repayment of the monies owed the Tarp transaction still outstanding!Report


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